About Us
Need to get ahold of a Moderator? Contact us via email at muzombies@gmail.com
Our History
The first game of Humans vs. Zombies was played at Mizzou in the Spring of 2009. Since then, the week long game has been played every semester. Currently, Humans vs. Zombies at Mizzou has over 400 players each semester including students, faculty, and visitors from nearby universities.
Humans vs. Zombies at Mizzou was founded by Sarah Hirner who hand picked the original Moderator team. Members included Lauren Miles and Kimi Nolte along with many others whose time and effort made the game possible at Mizzou. The Spring 2009 game used the Dormwire HvZ engine which was later replaced by the HvZSource game engine for the Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 games.
A new generation of Moderators came to power for the Spring 2010 game. This new Moderator team was headed by Joe Myers, Chris Camey, and Mike Knoop. It was their intention to work through the game mechanics which has been problematic in the past and improve Moderator communication with players. For the Fall 2010 game, a new website and game engine were developed by Mike Knoop.
Now, going forward, a new Moderation team takes the reigns every year to add variation and excitement to HvZ at Mizzou.
There are two ways to get ahold of your moderators. We ask that you please email us first at muzombies@gmail.com and if you cannot get ahold of us that way or if you have a time sensitive issue, call the HvZ Help line at (573) 833-0385.
Below are your current Head Moderators:
Aiden Jackson
Current president. HECK, 5 semesters of modship.
Hannah Shepherd
5 semesters of modship and current Vice President of Humans vs. Zombies at Mizzou.
Alex Lyons
Treasurer of Humans vs Zombies. 5 semester of modship.
McKayla Helm
1 semester of modship.
Keiran Hyte
5 semesters of modship.
Grant Howard
Junior in Electrical Engineering.
Info: 14; J pit.
Mike Ethridge
New Moderator
Chandlor Thompson
New moderator
Christain Ethridge
1 semester of modship.
Shayne Wadle
5 semesters of modship.